Every destination has its iconic dishes, the food you absolutely must eat if you want to truly taste the local flavors of Johor traditional food.

Just like many places in Malaysia, Johor have a lot of place with excellent Johor traditional food ,including rich luxury restaurants as well as small cafes and stalls.

Find out about traditional Johor cuisine and the typical Malaysian meals, dishes

Cuisine in Johor is influenced by Arabs , Chinese , Malay Bugis, Indian and cultures of the surrounding Maritime Southeast Asia. Some dishes are a blend of ingredients not found anywhere else in Malaysia.

This is a city where the traditional meets the contemporary; a place where you can eat local traditional delicious and modern cuisine.

some popular local dish may get you addicted and keep eating your brain..

Johor traditional food - Sultan Johor having local food

Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar having his favorite local food ( photo from “The Star”)


Places to Eat Johor traditional food :

Kedai kopi or kopi-tiam 咖啡店 ( coffee shop ) – hawker stalls and coffee shops. There are many Chinese restaurants and hawker stalls found across all Johor as well as Chinese coffee shops (kopitiams). These are the cheapest places to eat and sell a variety of Chinese local foods.

Masakan laut – Local seafood restaurants.
Nasi kandar (or nasi camnpur or nasi padang) – local mixed dish with rice.( Malay & Chinese )

Mamak stalls – Restaurant Habib , Restaurant Osman , Restaurant E & Y . these mainly sell local Indian Muslim foods such as Roti canai , Roti tissue and Nasi kandar are found on the street. Stalls are open 24 hours and also offer takeaways.

Cafe – Tea Garden , Old town , MyLiberica , JWC – Very Local cafe restaurant selling local food & western delight with local nice coffee ( medium price range with air-conditional )

There are also many food courts available in big towns and cities, which offer cheap and local food as well being home to Western chains such as Marrybrown fried chicken , Subway ,Mc Donalds, KFC , Vivo and Pizza Hut.


Johor traditional food variety food image

Find out about Johor traditional food cuisine and the typical Malaysian meals, dishes..

Johor popular cuisine categories delivered piping hot Johor traditional food :

Nasi kandar (or nasi camnpur or nasi padang) – local mixed dish with rice.( Malay, Indian & Chinese )

Laksa Johor is from Johor.
It differs from Laksa Penang by having coconut milk added during cooking. It also differs from other laksa by using yellow noodles instead of rice-based noodles.

Teochew Braised varieties 卤味
Teochew Braised cuisine is famous delicious in Johor, which includes geese, duck, pork, bean-curd, and offal.

Kacang Pool
This dish is influenced by Arab Culture. The name Kacang Pool got its name from the Egyptian word “foul” (pronounced “ful”) for fava bean. Foul Medames is considered to be Egyptian’s national breakfast.

Otak-otak – Steamed/Grilled fish cake usually served wrapped in sticks of coconut leaves. otak-otak is also a treats originated from Johor. Two of the most popular varieties are Otak-otak Muar (spicy) and Otak-otak Gelang.Patah (sweet)

Telur pindang – ( Bugis traditional food )
Eggs boiled together with herbs and spices, popular during wedding feasts in Johor.

Murtabak cheese
The murtabak is a stuffed pancake, crispy on the outside but nice and steaming on the inside with all those yummy fillings such as minced meat & cheese.

Nasi.Beriani.Gam ( This dish is very popular in Batu.Pahat District.)
A biryani rice dish originating from India with a cooking method very similar to Hyderabad.biryani but with spices adjusted to suit the Malay palate.

Mee.Bandung  is also a dish originated from Johor, specifically from Muar.
The term ‘bandung’ is not derived from Bandung, Indonesia but is a term for anything that is mixed from many ingredients. One of the most important ingredient is dried shrimp.

Seafood ( orang.asli seafood village is very popular in Johor )
Due to the abundance mangrove forests location along the coast, it has an abundance of marine life providing plenty of fresh seafood for our plate.

ABC is an abbreviation for “air.batu.campur”, also known as Ice.Kacang.Johor. It is a special dessert created from shaved ice with corn, jelly, red-beans, groundnut, syrup, pasteurised milk, and chocolate syrup.


There are a few Johorean dishes with Javanese influences due to the high number of Javanese settlers in the state. These include .lontong, ayam.penyet , nasi.ambeng, satay and. bontrot or berkat – both traditionally served after feasts like wedding ceremonies.

Explore Johor street food :

link to jb night market location



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